Redefining Leadership hits at the core of the League of Badass Women’s mission. We anticipate fruitful discussions around recognizing how socially-defined masculine leadership is rewarded while socially-defined feminine leadership is not and how men are treated when displaying those feminine leadership traits versus when women display them. We also imagine that the “imposter syndrome” theory may arise, as a product of women constantly being told we’re not enough, we need to work harder, we haven’t proven ourselves enough to be in the position we are. If your guests see how so many others have experienced that doubt, seeing it as a product of society’s message to us, it will truly be an eye opening experience.


This Reading Guide on Redefining Leadership contains background information and links to relevant news articles and is meant to get those juices flowing around leadership traits, imposter syndrome and redefining leadership in the workplace. Please read and share with your guests prior to your Power Talk.



This Badass Power Talks series topic is Redefining Leadership, and is based on building a leadership model that allows each person to grow into their strengths and benefits society.

Let’s start by doing a round of introductions: Say your name, what field of work you’re in, and share one of your best leadership qualities.


  1. Reflecting on the leadership qualities everyone just shared, would you say most of the qualities named were traditionally feminine, traditionally masculine, or gender-neutral?

  2. What leadership traits do you think society rewards most? Do you see a relationship between gender and the leadership styles that are valued most?

  3. Have you ever implicitly or explicitly been told that the way you approach working with people is flawed? In what ways have you internalized those messages?

  4. Let’s name a few leadership traits other than the typical ones like confidence or decisiveness. Would it be possible to praise people (women and men) these leadership traits that too often go unappreciated?


Let's go around and each share one thing you're taking away from this conversation and into your daily lives tomorrow.

5 min: Written Reaction

Take 5 minutes to reflect and write down one thing that surprised you or that you feel even more strongly now after the discussion. Share your reflections and revelations in the Facebook group tonight (the host will add you) to continue the conversation.

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