Today, thanks to so many of you contributing to our Crowdrise fund, we’re thrilled to announce we’re making a big investment in you and this organization through a three-month pilot, where we’ll focus on building city-league chapters, new original content, and improved Facebook stories and discussion spaces. We hired a brilliant, lean team to support the mission and our new initiatives. As we embark on this new undertaking for the League, be assured we’ll be asking you to join in – start by adding your email below to stay in-the-know as new programs and content are introduced (we promise never to ping you more than once a week).

We’re on a mission to connect and empower communities of women to support each other, rewrite the rules of leadership, and constructively disrupt the world of work. Our role is twofold: to build a community that nourishes, equips, and lifts women up as we survive and thrive in today’s paradigm, and to reframe and redefine great leadership by creating conversations that transform perceptions of women’s leadership.

Like you, we’ve welcomed the recent focus on women claiming power. Yet we can’t help feeling there’s something missing from the discussion: a deeper, more nuanced exploration of these complex and intersectional topics. That’s what we want to explore together.

So every month, for the next three months, we'll frame a big question about women, which we’ll continue examining throughout the month by sharing key articles in the news, nitty-gritty advice pieces on topics that we face in our daily lives, profiles of barrier-breaking women, and emerging research. We'll also encourage you to meet up with women in your city to discuss these big ideas and provide toolkits so your group can add to the conversation.

We’re starting big, by asking:

  • Do we still need women-only spaces, and how can we make those spaces more inclusive and intersectional?
  • In addition to male harassment, why do we also encounter lateral (woman v. woman) aggression?
  • How can tech act as a tool to help us grow feminism faster than ever before?
  • What could a new leadership archetype look like, and how would that impact every aspect of our lives as women?
  • When we talk about the important role of male allies, how do we include them without putting them smack dab in the center of the conversation, when it’s really supposed to be about us – our time and our space?
  • Are we deconstructing the patriarchy in order to hand power over to women who will just lead in the old ways?
  • How have our strengths and skills been devalued in male-centric workplaces, and how can we make workplaces that embrace traditionally feminine characteristics?

Have thoughts about these? We believe that the power in our community comes from our collective, iterative wisdom. The narrative around how we will wield our new power is still largely unwritten, and we can’t wait to have vibrant discussions with you about these topics and more.


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