male allies


Male Allies Aren’t Going to Save Us, published by The League of Badass Women, gives a perspective that is not heard as often on what it might take for men to be partners to us in revolutionizing the workplace. What exactly IS a Male Ally? And do we really need them?

It’s not mandatory reading, but helpful to share with your guests before your Power Talks, to stir up some thoughts around male allies.



This summer’s Badass Power Talk topic is Male Allies. A male ally is someone who actively works to counteract sexism and gender inequality, at home, at work, or in any relationships.

Let’s start by doing a round of introductions.  Say your name, what field of work you’re in, and if you’ve had a male ally in your life, share how that experience was.


  1. What are some of the ways men can be good allies to women?

  2. What are some of the reasons many men aren’t good allies to women? What work might men benefit from doing on their own before they can be better allies?

  3. There's been a lot of talk lately about emotional or invisible labor, of all the ways women take care of men that's expected and unseen. That could mean micro (like in your own home) or macro (the kinds of ads we see about tampons with blue liquid to make men comfortable). What are some of the ways you've taken care of men, or gotten the message that it was your responsibility?

  4. One argument is that having to train men on how to be our allies keeps the same power dynamic, where we are once again taking care of them. Do you agree with that assessment?


Let's go around and each share one thing you're taking away from this conversation and into your daily lives tomorrow.

5 min: Written Reaction

Take 5 minutes to reflect and write down one thing that surprised you or that you feel even more strongly now after the discussion. Share your reflections and revelations in the Facebook group tonight (the host will add you) to continue the conversation.

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