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The dominant workplace of today was built for a male muse - typically white and heterosexual, with a stay at home wife - and his designated role in society. For everyone who doesn’t fit that outdated mold, it’s a constant source of friction, too often internalized as a personal deficiency rather than a design flaw.

It’s a model we can’t just “lean in” to.

The League of Badass Women is starting a radical redesign by questioning every assumption that went into building this legacy model. We stimulate transformative conversations that are helping us to develop the post-gendered workplace and model of leadership.

Our strength is our community. With over 11,000 members and 22 chapters across the globe, we celebrate and elevate the different characteristics and styles of women leading as themselves, as an insight into this post-gendered workplace possibility, and galvanize every member of our community to bring their full selves into their leadership.

join us. you belong here.